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The Biramangol College, Principal

Friday 15 January 2021

It gives me immense happiness and pride that Biramangol College, Sawonbung is celebrating its 48th Foundation Days on 21th January, 2021 and a Souvenir is also being brought out on the occasion.
We all know that Biramangol College, Sawonbung is one of the oldest college in the state and the institution has also been taking part a major role to promote higher education. Still, We have a long journey to proceed so that educational knowledge, wisdom and skills could be imparted to the youngster of our society.

Speaker: Professor Amanda Burls - Professor of Public Health, City University State of Manipur.

Location: The Biramangol College, Sawonbung, Imphal East, Manipur.

Amanda Burls is a public health physician. She founded and directs ThinkWell, a novel internet-based research programme, which aims to help the public understand health information so they can make informed health decisions and also set up and participate in research studies.

In 2011 she co-organised a Conference on Enhancing Public Understanding of Health Research, which resulted in the formation of the International Network for Enhancing Understanding of Health Research.

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